Port Of Gitmo, Cuba
U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

ePortation™ Solution
We established thefirst successfulTerminal Operating System(TOS) at the Port Operations area, US Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The resulting real-time, end-to-end, in-transit-visibility and cargo flow management solution provides value to the U.S. Navy by improving efficiency and significantly reducing costs. Prior to installation the Navy had zero real-time visibility and port management was slow and inefficient. Now Navy personnel have 100% visibility and have access to information about all cargo and equipment transiting the facility. They can quickly identify, manage and deliver cargo needed for the smooth operation of the Base.

Established Localized Secure Environment
We created a local private and encrypted cloud in the port operations area. Personnel use wireless devices to process cargo and equipment transactions in real-time. This data is transferred to secure servers in the United States for global visibility and secure data backup. Processing on the local end creates avery fast and efficient workflow suitable for remote locations. For contingency situations such as disaster relief where there is a need to manage materiel, the same structure can be on the ground and operating in 10 minutes.

Built Wireless Mesh Infrastructure
We designed and implemented a mesh network at the port that created an entirely mobile environment allowing processing at the point of activity. With IP67 nodes the secure and encrypted mesh network provides ahigh level of fail over and redundancy. The wireless is stable and resilient and provides dependable and always available service.

Increased Workflow Efficiency
Workflow efficiency was increased by over 60%after the installation of ourTOS. These efficiencies greatly reduced cost and provided benefits to every military organization and civilian company that relies on cargo received and dispatched at the Base.

Reduced Errors and Ommissions
Mistakes cost money. We ensure cargo and equipment is handled efficiently and prevent costly errors and omissions. The efficient administration of TAC Codes has increased accountability and reduced expense for the Navy. The resulting savings are very significant.

Provided Global Visibility
We establishedsatellite connectivityto provide real-time visibility of all port operations. Now U.S. Navy personnel are able to view activity in real-time at the port of Guantanamo Bay anywhere and at anytime from any location around the world.

Facilitated Inter-Terminal Communications
We built theAutomated Cargo Transfer System (ACTS™)to expedite the transfer of all cargo information between the mainland and the Base. All information about cargo and equipment is seamlessly transferred to the receiving port in real time when a vessel sails from a loading port. Navy Operations personnel and Shippers and Consignees receive email arrival notifications prior to the arrival of their cargo. This increases efficiency and reduces double ordering.

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