Port Of Jacksonville, Blount Island
Port Of Jacksonville, Blount Island

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We installedboth ourTerminal Operating System(TOS) andSecurity Management Solutionfor Portus, a Terminal Operator at the Port of Jacksonville, FL. at Blount Island. Built from the ground up Pass&Stow™ is liked by end users and maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Global Visibility
Using a wide range of mobile devices Portus uses Pass&Stow™ to manage all the complex details of running a high volume seaport with a diverse mix of cargo in real time and at the point of activity. Cargo and equipment is tracked as it moves in and out of the terminal and warehouses and on and off ships. Streams of accurate, validated information are instantly availableacross the enterprise to all who need to use it. Real time decision support tools are put in the hands of ground based personnel guiding them through the process of handling cargo efficiently and quickly.

Real-time operational visibility complements the services provided by Portus and gives them a key-differentiating factor establishing them as a modern marine terminal operator. Using Pass&Stow™ customers can access accurate and real time information from any location around the globe. This is of great value to companies engaged in international shipping. Using Pass&Stow™ from ePortation, Portus customers can send and receive data in imperial and/or metric and seamlessly convert between the two.

Efficient Security Management
Since 9/11 it is a requirement of the United States Coast Guard for terminal operators to know who's on terminal at any point in time. Using our solution, ePortPass™ Portus can manage access to their terminal and resolve incidents efficiently, limiting the negative effect on terminal productivity. Knowing who is on the terminal and the time, date and location of entry are only a few of the many tools we provide Portus to manage its security operations. Using our solution Portus is able toprovide quality information to the U.S. Coast Guard, and has eliminated fines and thus significantly contributes to their excellent reputation.

Eliminated Costly Mistakes
Mistakes happen in a busy operational environment. We save Portus from the high expense of reefer cargo spoilage, miss-keying of unit identifiers, placing cargo on the wrong voyage, accepting damaged cargo without proper notation, and losing track of how long cargo sits on the terminal, all of which are extremely costly mistakes that Pass&Stow™ has solved. We ensure that for every cargo and equipment movement the right action is taken every time.

Increased Profit Margins
Eliminating mistakes is only one aspect of increasing profit margins. Our solution eliminates costs for Portus by reducing the dependency on paper and removing redundant workflow processes in the yard, on the dock or in the warehouse. We improve customer service responding to customer questions instantly. We reduce the cost of time and communications by allowing terminal customers access to their data in real-time. We routinely provide rapid platform updates to increase productivity, and help Portuslower costs, retain customers and make the terminal attractive to prospective clients.

Adapted Rapidly to Changing Requirements
Portus's requirements change constantly as do the requirements of their customers. We providequick and effective updatesto meet these changes. Portus was recently appointed stevedore by a Line that required an accurate tally of vehicles loading and discharging from a RoRo vessel. To meet the operational expectation 8 cars per minute needed to be processed. We were able to provide a solution in less than 24 hours that not only met that target but exceeded it by 100% and allowed processing of 16 cars per minute alongside the ramp. Our platform is specifically designed to adapt to changes in conditions and requirements and allows fast alteration of process flow that is very beneficial to a rapidly changing operational environment such as a marine terminal.

Added Mobility to the Operation
Seaports are complex and dynamic environments. Many interdependent activities occur simultaneously across the terminal for cargo and equipment to be handled efficiently and cost effectively. Our solution is totally mobile and real time. We flatten information silos into one seamless interconnected network, dispersing information across the terminal and ensuring the right information is available. Our easy to use, decision support tools empower end users to do their jobs efficiently.

Pass&Stow™ is a true real-time and totally mobile solution that allows management to proactively control activity and increases productivity, accountability and profits.

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