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Tracking Caterpillar Cargo

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Caterpillar (CAT) issued a requirement to all ocean carriers for cargo movements to be tracked and reported in real-time with EDI 315 messaging. Our†Terminal Operating System†(TOS) provided a distinguished heavy lift carrier, Intermarine, with this capability. Using our solution, Intermarine became the first customer to comply with this requirement. Intermarine valuing their relationship with Caterpillar wished to quickly respond to their request . We rapidly customized the platform to meet this need and were ready for deployment within three weeks of the initial requirement definition.†

Provided Real-Time Tracking
As Caterpillar cargo moves through points of interchange (receiving, loading, sailing, arriving), Intermarine logs the event and generates instant EDI notifications†in real-time to Caterpillar using customized easy to use interfaces designed to fit their workflow. These notifications can be generated from handheld devices on the terminal, a laptop or by a desktop computer. No software has to be installed.

Established Communication with Customer's Client
Caterpillar's new requirement was part of their new efficiency initiative. We worked with their data communication vendor†and established an effective solution solving Caterpillar's requirement to receive real-time cargo movement notifications.

Increased Productivity
The quick and easy to use interfaces gives Intermarine a simple point and click interaction that†creates the complex EDI structures automatically†and sends out the messages securely. Since the solution was adapted to meet their specific requirements their workflow was enhanced by the power of these tools.

Strengthened bond between Intermarine and Caterpillar
By responding quickly and efficiently to their customerís requirement Intermarine strengthened their relationship helping retain their customer. Our solution prevented financial loss and allowed Intermarine the ability to†grow their business†by providing more services to their customer.

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